Seth Nightroad Progress so far

I’m really excited. The project is taking shape and I’m really liking the progress. I have about 35% of the project finished, but once I get couple of details like embroidery done it will all come together really fast.

One of my prop is almost done, the breast plate is done (need to figure out how to attach it), and the white skirt is done.

Things to do:
~embroider the hat, top, skirt, sleeves
~make the lacy sleeves
~make the hat
~prop pieces (crown on hat, ankle brace, upper arm brace, 2 weapons)

lots to do, but on the right track





About shushuwafflez

I am an experience cosplay costume maker and have been cosplaying for 7 years. I've competed in contests in the last 3 years and have won 4 craftsmanship awards for my work. I've recently started taking in commissions, and strive to create high quality costumes. I want to make everyone feel good in cosplay. View all posts by shushuwafflez

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