Wow! Thank you all for commissioning me!

I’m almost all booked up till July! I just have to confirm one more commission! I honestly didn’t expect so much response to my advertisement. I will continue to take in requests but it will have to be for halloween costumes and fall and winter cons. This has been a huge boost to my confidence and confirmation that I’m heading towards the right direction.

I just hope I booked myself properly so that I get proper amounts of breaks and time to work on my own projects. I’m pretty sure I did but I think this year is going to be a huge learning curve.

**I I’ll update this site regards to availability and anything else needed very soon.

I hope to get continuous support from everyone!

Happy holidays and thank you all to those who have commissioned me, watch me on DA, liked my page on facebook, and followers on twitter!!

Twitter: @shushuwafflez


About shushuwafflez

I am an experience cosplay costume maker and have been cosplaying for 7 years. I've competed in contests in the last 3 years and have won 4 craftsmanship awards for my work. I've recently started taking in commissions, and strive to create high quality costumes. I want to make everyone feel good in cosplay. View all posts by shushuwafflez

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