One commission done, one more to go and WEDDING DRESS

I’m finally done Jocelyn and Michelle’s brides maid dresses.
I hope to get pics of the bridal party after their wedding to post here.

I have one small commission to do before I leave Vancouver for my wedding in the Beginning of October.
I will have more info on that soon.

My wedding dress is coming along, but not everything is what I want it to be so far.
But I still have time to make the changes I want, and I should have it done fairly soon.
I’ve decided not to post too much on my progresses at this time because of time restraints.
I’m hoping to focus on my wedding till it’s all over. Very close to being ready.


About shushuwafflez

I am an experience cosplay costume maker and have been cosplaying for 7 years. I've competed in contests in the last 3 years and have won 4 craftsmanship awards for my work. I've recently started taking in commissions, and strive to create high quality costumes. I want to make everyone feel good in cosplay. View all posts by shushuwafflez

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